Thursday, 27 January 2011

Pay it Forward

I've just signed up for this over at Lesley's blog.

The idea is to promote hand made. You send something hand made to the first five people that leave a comment on your Pay it Forward post, on condition that they too pledge to do the same and send something to the first five who comment on their blog.

A bit like a chain letter I think but you choose to sign up for it. The item has to be sent before the end of 2011, so it will be a real surprise when it arrives.

I've taken part in a few swaps now and its lovely to get something in the post that has been made for you, so I'm really looking forward to receiving whatever Lesley sends me.

Now comes the scary part... Will I get any comments? eek!!

Gina x


  1. Well I'll sign up Gina because I'd love to get something back from you. Unlike you this is my first swap so it's really exciting and not too pressurised because we have till the end of the year. Mind you must make sure I don't leave it until the Christmas panic is setting in, Lol.

    Lesley Xx

  2. yes please Gina - would love to see what you make! think all the variety is big part of the fun, plus no real hassle re time helps a lot

  3. Hi Gina. I would love to sign up to receive something from you. I hesitate because I live in Spain, but postage to us isn't too bad (in fact when Sheila swapped ATCs with me this month she was suprised at how cheap it was). Anyway, I am happy to send to five people in UK so I hope some are happy to send to me.
    This is my first venture into something other than swapping ATCs and I am really excited about getting involved. Kate x

  4. i'll join in 2, i love this it's such fun ! Suzee xx

  5. Hi Gina!

    I'd love something from you!




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