Wednesday, 2 February 2011

More about the rabbit

Way back in the summer, my son's girlfriend found a baby rabbit hopping around Aston University campus. As they already have a couple of rabbits and the rescue agencies had no vacancies, we agreed to look after him until a space came up.

Needless to say, when a space became available three days later, we were so worried about where he would end up, he stayed with us.

He was the cutest little Bunneh you've ever seen.

Somehow, he injured his right eye and so off he went to the vet.

Despite treatment, his eye didn't fully recover and he was left partially sighted in one eye.

It didn't affect him and he could still judge distances for his acrobatics along the back of the sofa and jumping onto the nearby chair perfectly.

After a run around, one of his favourite places is stretched out on the sofa...

Two weeks ago, his eye flared up again and after ten days on antibiotics, he had to have his eye removed.

This was a massive operation for such a little rabbit and he was very poorly for a while.

We've got him home now and he's on the mend, but he looks pretty gruesome with half of his face shaved.

He's eating a bit more normally each day and he had a little run around tonight. It seems silly but I was really happy when he flopped down in his favourite place for the first time since his operation.

Hopefully he's well on the way to recovering. His stitches come out soon and eventually his fur will grow back and he should be OK.

I'll update you with a picture when his fur is back.

Take care.

Gina x


  1. Ah poor little bunneh! Isn't it awful to see them in pain. Look forward to seeing him again soon.

    Lesley Xx

  2. Lovely to see your rabbit Gina, we used to have a Giant black rabbit called Tiny. Hope he recovers quickly, looks like he has a very loving home, Judith xx

  3. Hi Gina , Glad your rabbit is recovering. I have kept rabbits for 20 years and had some lovely little characters. Sadly about 4 years ago I lost my Fudge who was 10years old and I decided I wasn't having any more as I couldn't afford the vets bills. I still really miss having one. Hugs x ChrisB


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